Tic Tac introduces rebranding

The brand now has a new positioning, logo and packaging

The Tic Tac tablet belonging to the Ferrero group has presented its rebranding to the market. The brand now has a new repositioning that includes a new logo and packaging, in addition to the introduction of new characters Tic and Tac.

The aim of the rebranding is to present Tic Tac as a product that encourages small moments of lightness in everyday life, inspiring people to see life in a more positive way.

The new logo retained the mint leaf, but it will now be presented in a cleaner form, and the product also received a new slogan: “Refresca no Ponto”. Another change introduced is that now tablet flavors are represented by drawings.

“With this rebranding of Tic Tac, we’re looking to inspire what’s lighter, conveying that already in our new logo with flashes of positivity. They will be present in upcoming campaigns, along with new characters that also come with these changes,” explained Fabio Pessoa, Tic Tac Marketing Director.

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