Tigre debuts with 100% digital action showing composure when using the brand’s products

Terrified screams when you see something is wrong at home are a common scene in Brazilian homes. But what if they are replaced by shouts of joy? In its latest campaign, 100% digital, Tigre shows once again that consumers replace panic with peace when using the brand’s products.

The films created by Talent Marcel focus on the brand’s three product lines: hydraulics, electricals and sewage. All have 15” versions that will be released on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube and bring touches of humor to confirm that those who love peace, love Tigers.

About the creation, Caique Mazanek, senior artistic director of Talent Marcel comments:

“The films were designed to show all the quality of Tigre’s products in a humorous and impressive way. Reinforcing the brand’s purpose to bring quality into people’s homes. The simple and direct way the film is told makes the campaign even cooler and easier for consumers to remember.”

Felipe Corrêa, Marketing Manager at Grupo Tigre, says:

“We always try to show that using Tigre brings peace of mind. But we know that, with the exception of construction professionals, the end consumer does not understand much about building materials. This campaign shows the public the peace of mind that each Tigre product line can bring, for example how to prevent the spread of fire in an electrical installation.”

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