TikTok 18+: Why you should never use it

What is TikTok 18+ and why it exists

Understand that, as we have already said, when you download TikTok 18+, you will have a compressed file called APK on your Android phone. It’s an installation file, it’s an app that installs without the need for a store, such as the Google Play Store.

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This application took the name TikTok from the original application, developed by the company ByteDance. However, many users search for this version thinking that it is the original version, but without the adult content blocks. But forget it, it’s a completely different app that just has an identical interface, but only content is posted on topics that are banned in any other normal app.

Nobody even knows the developer behind TikTok +18, that in itself is a reason to run away from it. What is the reason for its existence? No, it is not to detect content, its only objective is to spread viruses on mobile phones and distribute material by criminals, ranging from apologetics to violence to exploitation of minors.

Is TikTok 18+ a version of the original?

It may even look like the original social network, but it’s not. According to reports from users who have dared to install it, TikTok 18+ has exactly the same interface as the Byte Dance app; with the ability to like posts, comment, save videos and even share on WhatsApp. Also, there are no ads.

But as we said, there are no developers or people moderating the content posted there. This is why TikTok 18+ is used so much by bad people looking for a way to spread illegal content, or even spread viruses.

In most of the reported cases, the various APKs of TikTok 18+ spread on the internet, carry some type of malware called “Trojan horse”. As the name suggests, these codes are installed on your mobile phone and continue to track absolutely everything you do, taking your passwords and everything else. Even if you use a banking app, whoever created the APK you used will be able to access your account and make transactions.

According to the antivirus experts of PSafe, there is a lot of risk when installing modified apps with TikTok 18+, they even mention that “fake apps available in stores or modified APKs (like the one we are talking about) are modified and run. to act as malware once installed on your phone”.

Unlike them, the original TikTok app found on the Google Play Store is not simply placed there. First, it goes through a quality check by TikTok itself, on Google’s part, they also go through other mechanisms to verify the security of the app, ensuring that they have more control over the APK (and even then it’s not 100 %) .

Another detail to consider is that by using TikTok18+ you are giving into TikTok’s guidelines, which means you could be permanently banned from the social network.

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