TikTok: How to create content?

TikTok appeared in 2014, still as Musical.ly. It got its present form in 2017, when it was bought by ByteDance. According to the company, in 2019 the app recorded 750 million downloads and ended 2021 as the most downloaded app in the world.

Today, with more than a billion active users, the platform is attracting the attention of creators and brands, far surpassing Generation Z. TikTok has an algorithm different from other networks: For you. It is a feed in which, instead of watching the content of the people they follow, the user finds videos suggested by the algorithm. For creators, it is an opportunity to reach a larger audience, and for network users to get to know and consume different content.

With a new algorithm, viral content and new ways of creating content, the platform presents itself as a gateway with more possibilities to the world of influencer marketing. But despite so much news, how do you create for TikTok? Raphael Vicente, a creator with over three million followers on the platform, and Amanda Caliari, executive vice president of content and creativity at Chang, comment on the unique features and possibilities of the network.

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