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TikTok releases feature that shows reasons why videos are recommended

Functionality that shows why the user watches that recommended video (Game: TikTok)

TikTok (Android, iOS) now shows why a video was recommended to a user. According to the social network, the recommendation system is powered by technical models, but makes this format more user-friendly by detailing the reasons for the indicator, which can be:

  1. User actions, such as the content the person consumes, likes or shares, comments they post or search terms;

  2. Accounts a person follows or accounts suggested to them;

  3. Recently posted content in the region;

  4. Popular content in the region.

To access this description area starting this Tuesday, the 20th, the user must go to the ‘About You’ feed, then click on the question mark “Why this video” and a card with the information will appear in sequence.

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