TIM announces 5G in 70 neighborhoods of Belo Horizonte

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Present in all 853 municipalities of Minas Gerais with 4G technology, my announces that it is ready to activate from tomorrow (29) first Standalone 5Gfrom Belo Horizonte, immediately after the official release of the 3.5 GHz frequency by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

The start of the operation in the capital city of Minas Gerais has already activated the signal with twice as many antennas as the regulatory minimum required by the rules of the 5G Auction, in 56 neighborhoods, soon reaching 70 neighborhoods located in all regions of the city.

The city is the first in the Southeast to receive TIM’s 5G SA network. The other municipalities of Minas Gerais will also have 5G activated according to the schedule established by Anatel. “In fact, we are facing the prospect of a major technological and social transformation. Here at TIM, we are proud to lead this historic move for the country and for Minas Gerais, where we were recently the first operator to reach 100% of municipalities with 4G. 5G can boost business and change the lives of Brazilians, and we will have the biggest and best 5G network in the country, already guaranteeing more than double the minimum coverage required at this time. TIM is focused on providing the best and most affordable 5G experience to Brazilian consumers“, States Marco Di Costanzo, Director of Network Development at TIM Brasil.

New opportunities for the end customer

For the end consumer, the operator has bet on segments that will benefit from the advantages of the new technology, such as low latency. “Our customer will notice the difference in their internet browsing speed during their day-to-day, especially those who use their device for services that carry a larger volume of data, such as streaming and working with cloud data, for example , except for online games, where very low latency is essential. For these profiles, we have developed a special offer that will allow access to the independent 5G network at no cost and with an innovative experience”.reviews Paulo Esperandio, TIM’s CMO.

MyCrushLive Mobiles

MyCrushLive Mobiles

TIM postpaid customers will have a package to boost their plans with 50GB of additional internet and unlimited browsing on Twitch, a live video streaming service focused on gaming, with broadcasts of eSports competitions in addition to music and creative content. The booster will continue to evolve with services such as cloud gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality. In the footsteps of innovation, there is already a partnership signed with AWG, the owner of the Cloud Gaming Platform, which will allow TIM customers to play titles such as Fortnite, eFootball, ElderRing, Red Dead Redemption and Gran Theft Auto V, no user you must have a PC or game console.

The new package will be available soon and membership in the first three months after its launch – to be communicated in due course by TIM – guarantees free access for a period of 12 months. After this period, it will cost R$ 20 per month. It is not necessary to change the chip. The customer only needs to have a smartphone compatible with the new technology.

With navigation speeds that can reach the order of Gbps, up to 100 times faster than the 4G network, TIM’s 5G also promises to revolutionize the corporate market by massifying IoT solutions and boost important sectors of the economy, such as education, healthcare , transportation, security, among others. The operator is already working on 5G pilots together with its corporate customers and closing new partnerships to digitize the business.

TIM started 5G in Minas and leads with 4G

Also in 2019, the operator led tests of 5G applications in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, south of Minas, in partnership with Inatel (Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações), with the launch of 5G laboratories and the activation of Casa TIM 5G, with more than 20 technology use cases in different segments, during the HackTown edition.

With 4G, in June of this year, the operator completed the activation of the signal in all 853 municipalities in Minas Gerais, being the only company in the sector to have 100% of the fourth generation technological signal in the state, giving miners a technology wider and even better access, supporting the digital inclusion of more people.

To be present in all municipalities, the operator used several solutions, such as the implementation of 163 biosites. The device, developed and patented by TIM, allows, in a sustainable manner, to reinforce and expand the coverage of voice and data, without affecting the urban environment due to the simplicity of the structure and ease of installation. Antennas can also be used as urban furniture, for example, for the installation of public lighting and security cameras. In total, there are more than 1,800 biosites in the country.

Another action that integrates TIM’s ESG guidelines in Minas Gerais and that contributed to achieving 100% 4G coverage in municipalities was SkyCoverage. The project uses off-grid locations, i.e. disconnected from the power grid, to obtain connectivity in places that are difficult to access for project execution (antenna installation) and without coverage, with lower implementation costs and in regions who do not do this. have electricity supply. In Minas, antennas have already been installed in more than 16 municipalities, such as São João Del Rey, Barbacena, Serranos and Marilac. The technology consists of using solar panels to power towers and antennas, and each country has its own solar power generation.

In addition, the company promoted a strong change in its network in terms of coverage and quality, investing in the improvement of existing technologies, such as the evolution of VoLTE, which uses the 4G network for voice calls, the activation of the 700 MHz frequency, Narrowband IoT and massive MIMO. The operator also bets on new business models, such as network virtualization and asset sharing. Massive MIMO, for example, allowed a technological gain of three to four times compared to the current one, making antennas more efficient and increasing network capacity, with the possibility of more simultaneous and higher-speed connections. In Minas, they have already been installed in 10 cities.

MyCrushLive Mobiles

The company is now entering a new phase of growth that immediately reflects a better experience for both existing TIM customers and users coming from Oi, with increased speed due to the inclusion of additional “spectrum” within the migration process and greater mobile coverage. In Minas Gerais, OI’s DDD32 customers are already able to use TIM’s infrastructure.


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