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TIM boosts signal in São Paulo state with expansion of ‘camouflaged’ SLS antennas

TIM boosted its signal in the state of São Paulo with the Street Level Solution (SLS). It is a technology that uses optical fiber transmission. Antennas are “camouflaged” in urban furniture, being installed in places like bus stops, poles and traffic lights.

The antennas were installed in places such as Rua 25 de Março, a traditional popular trading point in the capital of São Paulo, the coastal city of Guarujá and the Campos do Jordão Winter Festival.

In 2022, TIM had reinforced the signal of its 4G network in São Paulo and Guarulhos with antennas at street level. In São Paulo, the antennas were placed at the bus stops on Avenidas Berrini and Avenida Roque Petroni Júnior, as well as at Pacaembu Stadium and Jardim Europa. In Guarulhos, the chosen site was Calçadão de Guarulhos.

Street-level antennas improve signal quality as well as voice and data usage. They allow you to bypass physical barriers, providing more uniform coverage at ground level. According to TIM, the technology is ideal to be installed in listed locations, such as the Pacaembu Stadium.

In Jardim Europa, an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo, there was a 46% increase in the volume of data transmitted by the operator, after the antennas were installed. In addition, there was a 50% increase in data transmission speed.

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