Tim Burton says he probably won’t work at Disney again

team Barton he talks about his past working relationship with Disney, saying he is unlikely to work with the company again in the future.

The filmmaker was at the Lumiere festival in France over the weekend, where he received the prestigious Prix Lumière award. He spoke at a press conference on Saturday (22), where he compared working for the company to the character Dumbo, both trapped in “this big scary circus”.

“It became very homogenous, very consolidated. There’s less room for different kinds of things,” Burton said, according to Deadline .

Burton noted that Disney is now mostly focused on its conservative franchises, mainly in the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe, and its possible involvement in the MCU in the future, he said the chances are slim.

“I can only rule one universe, I can’t rule multiple universes,” he said.

“I’ve been hired and fired there a few times in my career,” he added. The thing about Dumbo is why I think my days with Disney are over, I realize I’m Dumbo working in this big scary circus and I need to escape. This film is very autobiographical on a certain level.”

Burton last collaborated with Disney on the live-action retelling “Dumbo” Director of 2019 “Beetle Juice” first worked at Mouse House as a junior animator on films such as “The fox and the dog”1981. He continued to make films such as Jack’s Strange World (via Touchstone) 1993 “James and the Giant Peach” since 1996, “Frankenween” since 2012 and “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010 (along with a 2016 sequel) among other titles.

The director’s next project, the Addams Family spinoff series “Vandinha” for Netflix, will be released on November 23.

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