Time in the Google browser got a new look

Hey Google, what’s the weather? Maybe we sometimes ask this question to our phone’s voice assistant, or maybe we prefer to check it manually. If the latter option is more natural to us, then you should know that a few things have changed in the last few days.

Smartphone time looks a little different

Whether we’re using an Android smartphone or holding an iPhone in our hand, there’s a good chance we’ll occasionally want to check the weather forecast for a particular location. It doesn’t matter if it’s our city or another place.

We have habits related to this. We use either solutions promoted by the system overlay or the operating system itself, or special, extensive applications.

Some time ago, Google tried to change the way weather information is presented in the desktop version of the search engine. Now the same style applies to smartphones if we try to search for predictive data in a web browser.

Comparison of different styles of time representation

I am currently looking for weather information in google search for smartphones, you should see the updated data tile iconography. They are divided into four sections:

  • review,
  • precipitation,
  • wind,
  • Humidity.

We can also easily switch to the forecast showing the expected weather conditions in the coming days.

However, if we want to search for weather information using the Google app, they will be shown to us the old way along with “Google weather frog”. The differences can be seen in the graphs below.

I definitely prefer the weathered style presented in the search engine. Thanks to it, I find data much faster and can plan my day if some of my activities depend on the conditions outside. For example, I already know that the nearest Jizera mountain walks will be more of the less sunny type.

The revised weather map draws information from the service Nothing has changed in this regard, as Google has relied on this data provider for years.

It is possible that the same design will be added to the Google app at a later date. You may have to say goodbye to the weather frog!

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