Time to cut! Check when and how to cut bushy and standard gooseberries to produce good fruit. Gooseberry pruning without secrets

Gooseberries are not demanding, but they need to be pruned in order to produce well. It must be done on time and in the right way. We suggest how and when to prune gooseberries in bushy and standard form in certain growing years.


The once extremely popular and gladly grown gooseberry fell into oblivion for many years. Currently, however, it is coming back into favor and is appearing more and more often in gardens. Its fruits are tasty, and cultivation is not difficult (the plant is sufficiently resistant to frost, but it expects moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil and a sunny or semi-shady position), so it is definitely worth taking an interest.

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However, if we want to see tasty and large fruits, in addition to the right conditions, we must provide the plant with proper care. One of the most important treatments that we must not skip is cutting gooseberries. If we leave the bush unattended and let it grow freely, after a few years it will grow thick and wild and will begin to bear small and rare fruits. In order to prevent this, the bushes must be cut regularly.

Gooseberries in gardens can be grown in two ways: in the form of a bush and in the standard form. Bush gooseberry it takes up a lot of space and is difficult to care for, but it tolerates adverse climatic conditions (frost, drought) better because the vaccination site is located directly below the ground (it should be planted approx. 5-7 cm deeper than in the children’s room).

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