Tinder introduces incognito dating feature

Dating should be a pleasure over which we have complete control. Tinder’s new update adds features that will appeal to anyone searching for contacts through the app.

Block and hide with Tinder

People who use or have used dating apps know that uncomfortable feeling when they see the profile of someone they know. swipe left? Right out of curiosity? In the first case, it is possible that the profile will reappear and confuse you again.

Tinder users on Android have received a new update the possibility to block the profile. From now on you can permanently hide the profile you see so that profile never appears in your suggestions again. The feature will be rolled out to the iOS app in the first quarter of this year.

Anyone who is not in the mood for new couples at the moment and would like to hide away for a while will certainly strike from time to time incognito mode. Thanks to this, the user can still reject and accept profiles, but only likers can see the “hidden account” in the recommendations. unfortunately, The feature is only available to Tinder+ subscribers.

Presentation of the incognito and profile locking features. (Source: Tinder)

safety first

To make it easier to report inappropriate behavior within the application, the update added the ability to send the content of the message directly to the appropriate department. Just hold your finger on the bubble with the text you want to report and confirm the action. By simplifying the reporting process, application managers believe more people will report inappropriate behavior.

Those tired of violating the rules in the form of hate speech or harassment will find the update to the “Does that bother you?” and “Are you sure?”. The first option encourages users to report inappropriate conversations so the platform can take action against those who choose not to comply with the site’s policies. Since the launch of Does that bother you? the number of reports has increased by 46%.

The second function occurs when the application detects that the user plans to send a message with malicious content. In this case, Tinder boasts of reducing the number of such texts by 10%.

To remind people who use the platform of the tools and resources available to them, Tinder has launched a Green Flags education campaign, highlighting every touch point in the app related to trust and safety – from creating an account to from pairing and chatting to meeting in the real world.

Every touchpoint on Tinder is designed with security in mind, but after interacting with users, we’ve learned that they don’t always know what features are available and how to use them, or how to protect themselves when the conversation moves outside of the Tinder app . To bridge this gap, we constantly work with experienced partners to promote safety and dating messages both inside and outside the app. By partnering with NO MORE, we’re able to continue our mission of helping people start dating online to build healthy relationships from the start, and through education and information, we aim to make Tinder the safest place to meet people online .
Rory Kozoll, VP of product integrity at Tinder

Let’s hope that one day, with more similar updates, dating apps will become totally safe places to connect with other people.

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