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tips for “fitting” heights on the big day!

To preserve

Sneakers Jorge Bischoff – Photo: publicity

At ballet shoes they are great allies for all brides and prove that just because they don’t have heels doesn’t mean a shoe isn’t classy. The many details such as appliqués, lace and sparkles a shoe can do so much accent and charm like any other shoe.

To preservebridal shoes

Carmen Steffens Sneakers – Photo: publicity

2. Dress

The rule here is avoid models that can further elongate your silhouette and for that you should prioritize 3 factors when choosing:

  • Explore bulky models
  • Don’t show too much skin
  • “Fragment” the silhouette

Wedding dresses with a voluminous skirt: to live your dream!

one mermaid model, for example, fragments your body into 2 parts and gives volume to the height of the legs, resulting in a less slender appearance. At asymmetrical skirtslike the shorter ones in front, give the same effect.

For lovers of skirts midiwe have good news: they create a “row break” at the ideal shin height and if combined with belt or girdle (free accessories for tall brides) further expand the desired impression of it see🇧🇷 Using sleeves – any size – you can also get the same result as they fragment the lines of the arms and still cover a few more inches of skin (remember: the more skin you show, the taller you look🇧🇷 Very light fabrics and liquids that come close to the body are prohibited, right?

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do not be shy abuse of frills, draping, lace and embroidery🇧🇷 Use stones sparingly and avoid strapless ones (look at the skin!). V-necks will elongate you unless your hair is long and you choose to wear it loose covering part of your cleavage. Otherwise, high collars are more suitable.

Wedding dresses with a round neckline: highlight your natural beauty!

3. Hairstyle

Following the same logic as with dresses, showing neck can bring back the illusion by a few inches, so how about using loose hair with a tiara, a more delicate accessory or a flower crown🇧🇷 If you don’t give up on the more traditional hairstyle, wear a low ponytail or a loose bun and the veil pinned underneath. Avoid high buns, mohawks and crowns🇧🇷

for the bride and groom

1. Shoe

Quite common today, shoes with a built-in heel are easy to find and can be added 2.5 to 3 cm to men who want to give a up in visual. In addition, there are other super charming models that, in addition to the high sole, also have a Fixed inner insole with a height of 2.5 cmgiving to the bridegroom 5 cm extra height🇧🇷 If he doesn’t like any of these models (I doubt it!), he can find this insole in specialized shoe stores.

How to choose the groom’s suit according to his body type: tips from Eduardo Guinle!

2. Clothes

man with a well-fitting suit It will ALWAYS look taller. This is the golden rule! No baggy jackets at the waist and under the arms, or trousers with crotch cut so low they almost look like ‘pants’. The shirt should be narrow and the shoulders should be thin.🇧🇷 The best way to make sure the groom’s outfit fits like a glove is to let a trusted tailor take over the reins of this mission. You stripes help elongate the silhouette and they are classics: they never go out of style. Bow ties, no way! They have the power to “split the body in two” and that is definitely not the intention. Models with wider ties should also be avoided as they make the torso appear shorter. The narrowest and monochromatic ties are ideal🇧🇷

How to be a MODERN, stylish and elegant groom: different outfits for different men!

3. Hairstyle

A foolproof trick to add a few more inches, especially for those who have long hair, is wear a cut or style that adds volume to your bangs or the entire top of your headbut no exaggeration!


Just like your guests, everyone who will see your wedding album already knows you and your fiancé and probably, don’t notice the height difference between you🇧🇷 But if you want to take photos where this detail goes unnoticed, here are some tips:

  • a couple is sitting
  • Groom Standing Bride Sitting
  • Bride lies on groom’s lap
  • A couple standing on uneven ground, such as stairs or sloping ground
  • near on the couple’s face
  • near of kisses
  • near of hugs
  • near holding hands
  • a lot close-ups🇧🇷

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