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Tips for learning a new language

No one doubts that learning a new language is important these days, as it allows you to be quite proficient in many areas of life. With perseverance and tenacity Anyone can learn a second language and apply it in their everyday life.

In the following article, we will give you a set of tips or instructions which will help you learn the language of your choice in a quick and simple way.

talk and dialogue

The discussion is perfect when it comes to applying what you have learned in practice. It is believed that talking with other people for about an hour is much more effective than studying alone. Dialogue means knowing how to listen to the person speaking, understand what he says and express his opinion.

exercise in mind

You must be clear that language is processed in the mind. It works continuously and never stops. In this way, it is normal to think about what to do in a few hours, or to remember certain aspects of a past life. Typically, these ideas are implemented in the native language. However, if you are learning a new language, It is recommended that you start thinking in this new language improves both speaking and listening.

Start with whatever is easiest for you

All languages ​​have a basic vocabulary of around 100 words. By using these words, a person can defend himself in a dialogue or conversation. That’s why it’s good to start with something simple and easy when dealing with a new language, such as memorizing the basic vocabulary of the language. In this way, it is possible to progress gradually and at the same time it is important. Over time, a person can already face the most complex and difficult parts.

Using a pocket dictionary

When it comes to learning a new language effectively, it is good to carry a pocket dictionary everywhere. This way, you can look at the different meanings of unfamiliar words that you hear every day.

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Listen and read

Practice plays a key role in learning a new language. It is important that you read a lot in the language you want to learn In addition to being able to listen. The learning process should be as entertaining as possible so that it does not lead to possible reluctance. So don’t hesitate to listen to music and look up song lyrics or watch movies with subtitles in their original language. You can also listen to podcasts in another language or read books in their original language. Everything happens so that you can learn as many words as possible and enrich your vocabulary.

utilize technology

Another great tip for learning a new language is to use modern technology in the best possible way. Don’t hesitate to install different apps to help you improve your pronunciation or grammar. In this way, you will make learning much more fun and enjoyable.

Expand your circle of friends

Interaction with other native speakers is essential during learning. Talking to these people will help you express yourself in the right way and significantly improve your language and vocabulary. In addition to making new friends and expanding your social circle, it allows you to progress in learning a new language.

Internal instead of translation

Despite the fact that a translator is a very useful and important tool in learning a language, that translator does not allow you to internalize the various words and expressions that are studied. It is good that every time you learn a new word, you use it often and use it in the right context. Try to think in the new language and don’t transfer it to your mother tongue. Thinking is key when speaking and expressing yourself in the language you are learning.

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Learn common or common expressions

It is important that you learn the basic expressions of communication, such as greetings or frequently asked questions. This way you can communicate without problems with other people and defend yourself in various situations you may find yourself in.

You need to be persistent and evaluate progress

When it comes to learning a new language, you must always be aware that it is a long road that requires time and money. That’s why you have to commit and make an effort. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the set goals. On the other hand, it is important to appreciate every progress made. Attitude is the key to learning a completely new language. In this way, it is possible to move forward and implement what has been set.

The best sites for learning a language

If you don’t have a lot of free time and money, you can use the internet and start learning the language you want or want. The good thing about this is that you can learn from home on any device you want. Don’t miss out on the details of five websites where you can learn a new language:

  • Babbel is one of the most popular online sites that it has to offer. You can learn many languages ​​on this page.
  • Busuu is a tool which allows you to start with a language that has a social purpose.
  • LiveMocha is a free site which allows you to connect with people from all over the world to learn different languages.
  • Duolingo is a free tool where in addition to learning a particular language acquired different knowledge and skills can be assessed.
  • HiNative is a page Web Focused on people who want to improve their language of choice. You can do this by interacting with natives from all over the planet.

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