Tips for writing a resume and attitude during a job interview

When preparing your resume, you need to consider important points for proper emphasis, so construct an objective and organized document.

Tips for writing a resume and attitude during a job interview

The candidate should take into account that the specialist has little time for the preliminary analysis of his profile. Therefore, the resume should be confident and organized in order to be attractive in a few minutes.

Build an objective resume

The importance of the curriculum is due to the objectivity of the information and the visual organization of the document. Therefore, it is not possible to build a very extensive curriculum at the risk of its material being discarded without proper analysis. In addition, the candidate should consider the curriculum as an item that will be studied during the program job interview🇧🇷

Personal information

Enter your personal information, taking into account contact numbers and avoiding unnecessary information, such as the number of documents.


The candidate’s objective is the relevant point of the resume. Therefore, it is possible to enter the intended position considering the hierarchy and the area of ​​expertise. For example, a billing manager; analyst of recruitment and selection🇧🇷 sales assistant; Machine operator; logistics assistant etc.

Professional experience and education

Your career path should be objectively described. Highlight specific situations that demonstrate your strengths. Enter the name of the companies and the period of operation. Like a schoolboy.

Be assertive during a job interview

Talk about your ability to handle pressure during a job interview. achievement of goals; people management🇧🇷 process direction; among other important points for analyzing your profile. Also, when you talk about a situation that needs improvement, offer a solution.

For example, it may be emphasized that you need to improve your knowledge level in a particular system used in your area of ​​expertise. However, it is equally possible for you to inform that you are already quoting with several educational institutions. In this way, professional self-awareness and endurance will be demonstrated.

Adopt a positive attitude

A candidate’s attitude is another very important point during a job interview. Therefore, do not cross your arms and legs; avoid excessive gesticulations; maintain eye contact with the specialist conducting the job interview;

In addition to the above points, it is important that the candidate knows exactly what his goals are and is confident in his answers. Finally, it is advisable for the candidate to know the company’s website and analyze its values. Because this analysis is essential for the contract to result in an actual exchange between the parties.

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