Tiradentes says Amazonino ‘kicked’ Humberto Michiles to make his son vice president – Portal CM7 – Notícias de Manaus i Amazonas

Written by Lindivan on July 27, 2022 at 6:49 pm | Updated July 27, 2022 at 6:51 p.m

Manaus – Journalist Ronaldo Tiradentes recorded a video on social media in which he states that the representative who will make up the Amazonian (citizenship) list for the state government elections will be his own son Armando Mendes, better known as Armandinho.

Despite the fact that there was no official announcement from the pre-candidate or the Civic party, behind the scenes of politics, rumors about the son’s nomination began to heat up. Humberto Michiles (PSDB) was given as the correct name and was supposedly the Amazon’s choice. However, according to sources connected to the politician’s group, Michiles had no political base and this caused distrust among the “cacique’s” allies and leaders.

In this way, the information gains credibility, and thus the ingredients for stirring up the backroom and activists.

We remind you that this Saturday (30th), the convention on citizenship and PSDB is being held at 10 am, on the grounds of the Sem Compromisso samba school, located on Avenida Margarita, Nova Cidade, North Zone of Manaus.

Watch the video:

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