Tirulipa gets kicked out of Farofa da Gkay after taking girls’ bikinis in prank inspired by Gugu’s bathtub

comedian Tirulipa was evicted this Tuesday, 6, from farofa e gkaiwhich takes place for three days in a hotel in strengthIN Ceará, after taking off girls’ bikinis in a game inspired by Cuckoo’s Bathtub. Called Tirú’s Water Tank, influencers, celebrities and artists entered a water tank and had to find coconut soap. However, in at least three videos circulating on social networks, the comedian removes bikinis from girls participating in the game, without their consent. In a live on Instagramactress Dora Figueiredo commented on the episode, which he saw. “I was a little shocked like that. Because, actually, what bothered me was that Tirulipa was taking bikinis from girls without their authorization. It made me sick. I walked into the room and didn’t even make a story. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ I have already given my support and, if they want, we help each other, but I thought it was very ugly. I wanted in, I was next. But I saw him doing it and at the same time I was like ‘I’m not going’. If it were me, I would have punched him. Luck for him was not with me. Because if it were me, there would be a policeman”, he commented.

Influencer Nicole Louise, one of the girls who had her bikini taken off, spoke out on Instagram. “I am very sorry for what happened, I felt overwhelmed. This is harassment. He did it not only with me, but also with other women. It is disrespectful. I am outraged, because I was a fan of this guy, I liked him a lot,” he said. The videos are circulating on social networks and have caused repercussions on the Internet. “Tirulipa, a father of two daughters, plays this funny role. Ô Disgusting, old man,” commented a netizen. O Jovem Pan website invited the comedian to manifest in a message sent to the social networks of the comedian and the team that takes care of his shows. If he responds, the report will be updated.

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