Tirulipa tells. “What they are doing to me is very cowardly”

The comedian is being investigated for money laundering and his name is linked to Betzord

Word spread that Tirulippa had his name attached to a search and seizure warrant that also took place at Deolani’s home. The comedian hosted police officers at his home to investigate the facts with the company Betzord and used the stories to reassure the public and fans. Everson did not stop saying that what they are doing to him is a great cowardice and injustice.

“I wanted you to hear Everson, to speak to you from my heart. I have a career of 26 years, I would not have lasted so many years if I had not used it in the truth, I am fighting for my name and what they are doing to me is a very big cowardice, this news that I was; involved in a criminal case, a very big injustice,” Tirulipa began.

The humorist also says that he had no professional relationship with the company. “I did not have any relationship with the partners and I have no connection with this company. The police discovered some things, they came after the influential people, I have nothing to do with it, I did my punctual work,” he said.

“Some want to tarnish your name, but justice belongs to God, that is the truth. I’m going to take a break here, because I’m human too, I feel the impact, I was happy when it should be, but I have my feelings,” he said with tears in his eyes.

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