To continue with BOLSA FAMÍLIA, beneficiaries must follow THIS procedure

According to the federal government, the process for updating the beneficiary registry is new Bolsa Familia starts this March. Minister of Development and Social Assistance Wellington Diaz informed that this step should continue until December of this year.

2.5 million records were exposed with evidence of violations. Although, So far, only 1.4 million have been left out of the salary of the social program. The initiative follows investigations by the TCU (Court of Auditors’ Union).

The court warned that there were many discrepancies in the registration of families covered by the former Auxílio Brasil. These irregularities will be more related to double registrations or single-person households (consisting of one person).

For this reason, now, all 20 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries must update their data in the unified register (CadÚnico).

Exclusion of Bolsa Família beneficiaries

According to the data of the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, 1 million 479 thousand 915 families were withdrawn from the social income transfer program this March. With these cuts, Bolsa Família is now free BRL 471 million include new beneficiaries.

However, Diaz noted that the departure of 1.4 million beneficiaries does not represent the final number of irregular registrations. “The exact number is determined only by conclusion [da revisão do cadastro]. But there are very strong indications that at least another 1 million are not compliant.”

In this regard, the characteristics of excluded families are as follows:

  • About 1 million registrations were excluded due to non-compliance with program requirements, such as per capita income exceeding the specified limit;
  • Another 393,500 families were excluded from Bolsa Família for not complying with single person registration rules;
  • Finally, 4100 voluntarily left the government’s initiative.

Amount issued in the new Bolsa Familia

One of the main innovations announced by Lula’s government in relation to the social program was the extras. Through them, the goal is to ensure fair payment to beneficiary families living in vulnerable conditions. This is how the values ​​were obtained.

  • Minimum cost per family 600 BRL per month;
  • Additional BRL 150 BRL for each child under the age of six, starting in March;
  • Additional R$ 50 for children over seven years old, teenagers under 18 years old and pregnant women, payable from June.

What will the registration renewal process look like?

Still according to the folder, it will be necessary to register the registration update. However, this will be the work of the Centers for Reference for Social Assistance (CRAS). They should schedule and call the beneficiaries. About 12,000 people have been hired to strengthen services at these locations.

In return for these efforts, non-showers will be blocked for two months. However, those who go to the place of settlement will continue to be paid normally. However, if it turns out that the beneficiary is not entitled to Bolsa Família, the payment will be canceled immediately.

Bolsa Família Calendar – March

Check this month’s payment dates.

  • Final NIS 1: March 20;
  • Final NIS 2: March 21;
  • Final NIS 3: March 22;
  • Final NIS 4: March 23;
  • Final NIS 5: March 24;
  • Final NIS 6: March 27;
  • Final NIS 7: March 28;
  • Final NIS 8: March 29;
  • Final NIS 9: March 30;
  • Final NIS 0. March 31.
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