To the core: a young woman arrested with a suitcase full of marijuana in Porto de Manaus

By writing on December 1 2, 2022 at 1:40 p.m

Manaus – The Department of Narcotics Investigation (Denarc) of the Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM) began this morning this Thursday (12/1), around 6:30 am, in the port of Manaus, a police operation of actions that resulted in the arrest of 16 pills of skunk marijuana, which were hidden in luggage and packages transported by a vessel from Tefé (523 kilometers from the capital of Amazonas).

Delegate Tamara Albano, director of Denarco, pointed out that the Department carries out this type of action every day, during which both luggage and the structure of the vessel itself are searched.

“There were many passengers on this vessel and we first checked their luggage. First, with the support of a sniffer dog from the Secretariat of Public Security of Amazonas (SSP-AM), we found a bag with 14 pills of skunk marijuana.”

However, according to the delegate, the teams were checking in a row at the place where the goods and orders were located, and two more tablets were found in the bag of flour.

“The material was forwarded to Denarc. With a view to establishing the order, further steps will be taken to establish the identity of the persons involved in the purchase, shipment and receipt of the drugs,” he added.

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