Tocantins Contests 2023: Check List of 5 Most Anticipated Public Notices

There are several opportunities for Tocantins 2023 tenders, they are for different sectors: education, health and safety.

We highlight details of upcoming public notices, and so these may appear at any time, in addition to already published documents. Check it out and don’t miss all the information.

Tocantins 2023 Competitions in the administrative field


the decree of competition CAU TO: (Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Tocantins) was published. Generally, there are vacancies for middle and senior levels. Starting salaries are attractive and can reach up to R$7,642.98.

It should be noted that the registration deadline is April 10, and the test is scheduled for June 4.

Municipality of Palmas

Oh competition The municipality of Palmas has already formed the commission and therefore should leave at any time, generally vacancies are expected in education, health, administrative and operational sectors.

It is important to clarify that since the measure is under the Budget Guidelines Act (LDO), it is necessary that both a feasibility study and a vacancy study and research be conducted prior to the publication of a public notice. positions.

The last public notice was published in 2013. At that time, 697 immediate vacancies were foreseen, in addition to the reserve register formation projections, for functions requiring basic, intermediate and higher levels. Look:

  • Incomplete Foundation Level: Educational Administrative Agent, Educational Transport Agent
  • Intermediate level: Teacher – Level I, educational administrative technician
  • Highest Level: Teacher – Level II

In addition to the objective test, the candidates were assessed through a written and title stage, which differed according to the position chosen by the applicant. The organization responsible for the event was the UFT.

2023 Tocantins Competition for Education


Seduc TO tender notices (Education Secretary of the Tocantins) were published. A total of 5,164 seats are offered for basic education and indigenous basic education. Those approved will be redistributed to 137 municipalities.

Interested persons can register until March 16, and the tests are scheduled for June 11.

Check the distribution of vacancies by positions.

  • Regent Professor – 4508 vacancies;
  • Pedagogical coordinator – 249 vacancies;
  • Educational consultant – 264 vacancies;
  • Basic Education Teacher in Indigenous Education – 143 Vacancies.

Tocantins competition 2023 for health


a Tocantins Secretary of Health (SES TO) is back a committee was formed. With this, everything indicates that the event will not last long.

The last notification was published in 2018 Based on this situation, selection is high and vacancies are high. a U:nitins was responsible for planning the event and offered 1,218 vacancies for secondary and higher education. At that time, those confirmed received a salary of R$ 2570.00.

Tocantins 2023 competition for the police area


The event was authorized and the planning committee for the new Prime Minister TO competition (Tocantins State Military Police) is already formed.

It should be remembered that the group will be responsible for the selection of the organizing bank and making the selection stages feasible. In total, there will be 600 vacancies that require a full high school degree. The age range is from 18 to 32 years.


State MP Moisemar Marignon requested a new notification from the state government PCTO competition (Tocantins Civil Police). A total of 1,500 vacancies are expected. The request was presented at the regular session of the Tocantins Legislative Assembly held on Tuesday (14/2).

Tocantins Contest 2023 for the court


The last public notice was 10 years ago, another reason why there is a new public notice Public Ministry of Tocantins (MP TO) shouldn’t take long to leave. The event already has a committee created to conduct preliminary studies. The group will also choose the organizing bank.

Although the proposed posts and vacancies are not yet confirmed by the agency, it is expected that the new notification will be released in 2023.

The last competition for a member of the National Assembly was held in 2012 yearwith job vacancies at medium and high levels training. a overcome was the organizing bank. See the notification.


Oh District Electoral Court of Tocantins (TRE TO) will take place through a joint event. A total of 20 vacancies are expected, taking into account the vacant positions of the body.

Opportunities await legal technician and legal analyst, which require secondary and higher education. Salaries are attractive. Starting salaries are up to R$10,000 in addition to other benefits.

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