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Tofiq Musayev believes Shabliy will ‘like to wrestle’, reveals training history with Gaethje

Former RIZIN Lightweight Champion and Grand Prix winner Tofiq Musayev has shown his talents to Bellator recently after spending most of his career wrestling in the Far East. ) beat Sydney Outlaw, the number one contender in the lightweight division, in just 27 seconds in his promotion debut in 2022.

The Azerbaijani pioneer now looks set to turn his stunning talents into a tough match against Alexandr Shabliy, who is similar to Tofiq in terms of career path and their final Bellator fight in the round. Bellator’s Open Lightweight Grand Prix at Bellator 292 in San Jose.

Tofiq wasn’t shy when asked to predict the path his upcoming opponent would try to take in the cage on Friday, telling Cageside Press, “I think he’s going to change his tactics for this fight. And he will like to wrestle me, and I will be ready in every position.”

The current No. 2 seed is Bellator Lite, whose victory over former champion and current No. 1 contender Patricky Pitbull seems to feel very confident in standing up to make sure Shabliy can’t clash with him. Or will feel uncomfortable trying to do so. But when asked about those ideas in follow-up questions, Tofiq simply showed how well-rounded and prepared he was.

“For this fight I’m ready to take a stand [and to be] on the floor; A punch will show everything. The punch stroke will show everything. Because that’s what a good fighter looks like. that must be adjusted during the fight So no matter where the fight goes, I am ready to make adjustments and implement my plans.”

Tofiq appears to be locked into that plan and has shown where his interest lies as he refuses to focus or discuss any external factors of the upcoming fight and Grand Prix. Lightweight

When asked about his experience in eight-man tournaments, a feature uncommon in modern MMA, he simply replied, “I’ll do anything to win. And that’s my main goal. I know this isn’t my first Grand Prix. But other factors I didn’t think about – just wins. That was my only thought.”

The conversation then turned to talking about Azerbaijani MMA fighters who were just able to fight in large organizations. which may be following in his footsteps The topic of his compatriot made Musaev even more excited.

When asked about Nazim Sadykhov, the undefeated Azerbaijani fighter who recently made his UFC debut and won the ‘Fight of the Night’ honor, Tofiq replied, “First of all, I would like to say that whoever represents the country. our our motherland I will bow my head in front of them. Second, of course I know Nasim. he is my good friend he is tough I talked to him before the fight after he won. He showed a good fight. It was a good fight for him. I think for him it’s possible we might train for the next fight together. Maybe we can go camping together. I watched his career I’m cheering for him I’m always here for him. in general I believe that all of us can help the next generation and set an example for them.”

Tofiq has a clear passion for his country and his compatriots. and seems proud to help young fighters That wasn’t the last little Tofiq to drop about training with his friend. Asked about Rafael Fiziev, who has Azerbaijani heritage and is battling Justin Gaethje at UFC 286 this month, Musayev gave his predictions. he

“Yes, of course, I have a friendly relationship with Raphael. Fiziev as well And his opponent Justin Gaethje used to be my solo sparring partner. I used to train with both. in my opinion Raphael will finish this fight.”

It came from someone who trained with the two men. It is difficult to ignore the confidence in Musayev’s predictions. Although his personal feelings for his compatriots may have influenced this. It is worth noting that the general public and Las Vegas seem to agree with him. Because Fiziev is currently a strong favorite against Gaethje in terms of odds.

If it wasn’t clear enough that Tofiq Musayev was all about the fight. He refused to engage with the fight’s management and declared his willingness to fight anyone when asked about the matchup that made the talented Shabliy his first-round opponent in the Grand Prix. z

“For Shabliy, fighting anyone was never an issue. I’m always ready to fight anyone. And it’s a corporate decision. They paired up, they chose a fight with style. Who do they think they should fight against? For me, throughout my career. I fought against the best. The best fighter ever So for me It doesn’t matter at all.”

This style of fighting might be why sports fans flock to see him. Tofiq has gained a ton of fans across Asia and Europe through his bouts. But this will be the second bout in the United States. He was asked if MMA fans in the West were becoming more interested in him now.

“The same way I won the hearts of fans. [in Asia] with my fight by showing my skills That’s the same way I plan to do here, winning fans with my fights and performances.”

A perfect display of his skills in Friday’s co-main event will surely win the hearts of American fans to Tofiq Musayev. which was something he was confident he would accomplish.

Bellator 292 will be held on Friday, March 10, 2023 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

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