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Tofiq Musayev ‘My plan is to finish it ahead of schedule’

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Grand Prix tournament looks set to belong to Bellator’s Tofiq Musayev as he enters again, this time with Bellator, and it kicks off with Alexandr Shabliy at the Bellator 292 on Friday night.

Musayev (20-4) recently competed in Rizin FF’s Grand Prix and now joins another with Bellator.

“It motivates me. We have many skilled fighters here. top-notch talent And it just motivates me to compete with them,” Musayev told reporters on Wednesday.

“Previously, I had some tough battles in my career. But I always showed patience and character. Do whatever it takes to win and I plan to do the same in this tournament.”

Lots of fans interested in sports, hardcore fans if you will. Called this fight the best fight in the card.

“It’s time to change the game a bit. I’m looking forward to this fight. It was a great fight. And I’m looking forward to showing insha Allah to all the fans, it’s just what I hope to represent my country at the highest level possible,” he said.

The fight against Shabliy looks like it will be a highly competitive fight that should live up to the hype.

“Our styles are a little similar. That’s why I think we need to adjust some things in the game. Overall I think it was a good fight as we expected. Everyone has their own plans, ”said Musayev.

“We have our own plans that we have to implement. My plan is to finish it ahead of schedule.”

Watch the media battle of the day with Musayev above. He competed with Alexander. Chabli at Bellator 292 in the first round of the Grand Prix Lightweight on Friday night in San Jose, California.

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