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Tomato soup with butter will become delicate and delicious. The moment to add is important

Your tomato soup will become wonderfully smooth and creamy if you add a popular ingredient to it. However, you cannot do this at any time. We explain when is the best time for it.

Tomato soup is a favorite soup of many of us. Children and adults eat it with equal appetite. It can be served with pasta or rice (both versions have many supporters). Usually, standard spices are added to it, some also decide to throw in a few basil leaves or some fresh parsley. However, if you add 1 non-standard ingredient to it, then its taste will be even better, and by the way, a little more subtle.

Crazy Fine Tomato Soup Recipe

What to do to make tomato soup enjoyable on its own? delicate taste? All you need to do is add 1 custom plugin to it. Talk about something a piece of butter. However, it is very important that you do it at the right time, just in case after cooking the soup.

Put a stick of butter in a plate and the heat will melt it into the soup. Thanks to this, the soup will get a delicious taste, and the consistency will be more creamy.

The most common mistakes when making tomato soup

Tomato soup base is a good broth. It is he who is largely responsible for its taste and aroma. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to its correct preparation. One common mistake is that you don’t fry the tomatoes. Only then does this vegetable acquire a deep and multidimensional flavor.

Not adding sugar is also wrong. It is this ingredient that balances the taste. This addition enhances the sour taste and deepens the saltiness.

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