Top 100 Black Professionals in the Creative Industries

March 10, 2023 – 13:14

With the proposal to highlight professionals who have contributed to the renewal of the Brazilian creative industry, in different sectors, Mooc publishes for the second time a list of 100 black professionals who, according to this assessment, would be the main exponents of the country.

The list was created in partnership with Hypebeast BR and shaped through curation by market leaders and managers from various regions of Brazil.

Mooc selected 10 black professionals in 10 different categories: such as management and leadership, gastronomy, music, audiovisual and cinema, content and influence, design and artistic direction, visual arts, fashion, collectives and sports. In each of them, a person was chosen as the highlight.

See the selected ones in some of the categories below. AND a full list and expert profiles can be found on the Mooc’s landing page.

management and leadership

Fernanda Ricardo (Sharp)
Adilson Trindade (BÆR MATE, Better Drinks)
Bia Lopes Maria (Re_Modelar)
Gabriela Moura (Soko, crafting links)
Julio Beltrão (Music2! Mynd)
Mayara Almeida (Sony)
Natália Oliveira (GRID, community now and future)
Samuel da Paz (Nike)
Vitor Martins (substitute)

Content and impact

Sher Machado (RJ)
Brasa Mag (RN, RS, MG, RJ, SP, MA, AM, DF)
Bruna Carvalho (RS)
Gean 2050 (RJ)
Jorge Barros (SP)
Moon (IF)
Najur (RJ)
OCleidson (BA)
Taísa Machado (RJ)
Titeu Passos (BA)

Design and art direction

Damaris Oliveira (SP)
Bruno Queiroz (MG)
Ananda Pires (SP)
Matheus Henrique (SP)
Pedro Fidelis (SP)
lucas rodrigues
Zaika dos Santos (MG)
Gabriela Barreiras (SP)
Luisa Vidal

Audiovisual and cinema

CeGe (SP)
Fabio Setti (DF)
Fydell Botti (RJ)
Hanna Batista (AM)
Larissa Primo (BA)
Meneson Conceicao (BA)
Pamela Anastácio (SP)
Yasmin Reis (SP)

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