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According to the latest information, Apple has not given up on its plans to place the Touch ID reader under the iPhone screen. Moreover, the company must continuously conduct research on the appropriate technology. We also learned that iPads with OLED screens will be uncomfortably expensive tablets.

iPhone with Touch ID reader under the screen

In 2017, the iPhone X appeared, which was the first model with face scanning technology Face ID. Apple has decided on it only one biometric security, as the company has abandoned the Touch ID fingerprint reader. The same policy was then applied to all high-end models. An exception is the iPhone SE, but here we are talking about smartphones locked in an outdated design, and the use of the more classic Touch ID is probably only due to savings.

Leaks about the restoration of Touch ID, of course already placed under the screen, have been appearing for a long time and gained momentum when such solutions found their way to many Android smartphones. A number of different rumors and unconfirmed information indicate that Cupertino is indeed working on such technology. Moreover, the revelations often come from sources considered very credible, who have repeatedly proven that they have “plugs” in Apple.

We could already hear that Touch ID under the screen will appear in 2021, and there was no lack of information that Apple will stick with Face ID only in the coming years. It is possible that Tim Cook’s company itself is not sure what direction to go and is experimenting with different solutions and is secretly already working on an under-screen reader. This is also confirmed by numerous patents applied for.

iPhone SE 2022 with Touch ID fingerprint reader (photo: Katarzyna Pura,

This week, Apple received another patent that affects Touch ID. The papers describe the combination of short-wave infrared technology with an optical imaging system that can perform multiple functions. It’s not just about recognizing specific patterns on a user’s finger to unlock an iPhone, for example. The Cupertino-based company also wants to determine vein pattern, blood oxygenation, heart rate, and the presence of gloves and moisture in this way.

In addition, sources cited by MacRumors indicate that there is a high probability of placing Touch ID under the screen in the next 2-3 years. Yes, this means we’ll have to wait a long time for the return of the fingerprint reader, but it confirms that Apple has no intention of relying solely on Face ID.

Keep in mind, though, that we’re talking about Tim Cook’s team’s future plans for the 2025 or 2026 iPhone. A lot can change by then, and it’s possible that Apple will develop a completely new technology to verify the user’s identity.

iPads with OLED screens are supposed to be very expensive

From 2021, Apple’s portfolio will include the iPad Pro with a mini LED screen, but Apple does not intend to rely only on this technology. According to numerous unofficial reports, the Cupertino company will introduce OLED screens for the iPad Pro. Of course, this should satisfy many customers, but it should be noted that customers with a sufficiently thick wallet – it will be expensive, and really expensive.

Industry sources predict that OLED iPads will start at $1,500 and $1,800 for the smaller and larger models, respectively. It is worth noting here that the current 11-inch variant with Liquid Retina LED screen starts at $799 (PLN 5199 in Poland) and the 12.9-inch model with mini LED screen starts at $1099 (PLN 7199 in Poland). iPad Pro with OLED for about 8-10 thousand PLN from the basic version? It is possible to.

iPad Pro 2022 tablet
(photo by Apple)

This means that the new iPads will even be more expensive than some MacBooks, and for many potential customers, the high price may be one of the main barriers. Unfortunately, this is not the first information about high prices, which are mainly due to the cost of the OLED panels that Apple intends to use and – which should not surprise anyone – also to the intention to maintain high margins.

A high price can negatively affect sales. After all, not everything with the bitten apple logo sells well. There is also a price cap for Tim Cook customers that they are unwilling or unable to exceed when purchasing new equipment. There are reportedly concerns among Apple’s suppliers – Samsung, LG and BOE – that too high a price, combined with lower sales, could negatively impact profits.

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