TopPubli: 5 campaigns with women in the spotlight

March has arrived with everything, and right at the beginning of the month we have a very important date to celebrate: International Women’s Day. Next Wednesday, March 8, is their day, and with that in mind, Adnews has prepared a special TopPubli, with 5 campaigns that focus on valuing the female audience.

See 5 campaigns with women in the spotlight:

Skol – Reposter

For many years the advertising market has been sexist by treating women in famous campaigns made for beer brands. With this in mind, in 2017, Skol decided to innovate and launch a special video aimed at renewing this type of product and the image it conveys to the female audience.

Burger King – Equal pay

In a campaign that highlights numbers that include gender differences in the labor market, Burger King in 2022 brought data to its customers in a creative way. When ordering food via delivery, consumers were given a delivery time that was actually the estimated time for women and men to reach market parity.

Who said, Berenice? – It’s for me!

In 2015, Quem Disse, Berenice? launched one of his most significant campaigns. Thinking about how women should face the different “no’s” they get everyday just because they are women, the brand released a video in which the word was crossed out using the brand’s makeup for it.

Netflix – International Women’s Day

Thinking about showing more of the female reality during different periods of cinema, since the 30s of the last century, Netflix has launched one of its most creative campaigns. In 2021, the video was released specifically to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Nike – Dream Crazier

And also thinking about the international market… After talking about its Just Do It campaign, starring Colin Kaepernick, in 2019, Nike released an equally impressive video called “Dream Crazier”. Narrated by Serena Williams, the video featured footage of female athletes, including Caster Semenya and Kathrine Switzer, achieving success despite facing criticism and adversity.

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