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Torres asks the STF not to participate in the district CPI on anti-democratic acts

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

Former Secretary of Security of the Federal District Anderson Torres (photo) sent a request to the Federal Supreme Court (STF). guarantees his right not to appear at the meeting of the CGI on anti-democratic acts of the RA Legislative Chamber, as well as to remain silent if he goes.

This cenary has already been strengthened wide by the testimonies of others Researched and technically proven, remainsto call upon that praetorian leadership noble praetorium about d:It guard from correct constitutional in silence in under study (Constitution, Article 5, LXIII) and non-participationin this state at the session in “Mourning”asks Minister Alexander de Moraes to protect Torres

The defense justifies it despite Torreshave broad and unconditional willingness to clarify the facts which have been unnecessarily attributed to his detriment, he has already fulfilled this mission when: testified for more than ten hours in these investigation records.

The former secretary was called to answer the questions of the regional CPI, chaired by Rep. Chico Vigilante (PT-DF), on March 9 at 10 am.

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