Toys from the People’s Republic of Poland – everyone dreamed of them. These gadgets are now worth a lot. Do you remember these items from the People’s Republic of Poland and the 90s? Check out these photos!

A rocking horse, an electric train, a Rubik’s cube, a merry-go-round and Mickey Mouse tumbling on a swing – these toys were a hit during the era of the Polish People’s Republic. For many of us, these unique items are associated with a carefree childhood. High-end toys from the 70s, 80s and 90s can even be found online, and some of them cost a fortune. See what the kids were playing in the Republic of Poland. Make sure you have these hit toys in your parents’ attic or basement.


During the era of the Polish People’s Republic, the foreign toy became a cult toy electric train. Unfortunately, due to the high price, it was unattainable for many kids. Boys, of course, dreamed of cars the most. At the top of the list of gifts was metal pedal car brand Moskvich. Many wanted to sit behind the wheel. The lucky ones had theirs controlled car using a cable and a tiny steering wheel from the CZZ Częstochowa factory.

You could also buy small metal ones in Peweks and second hand shops car models with opening doors. Every car fan wanted the iconic Polonez, Wartburg and Fiat 126p on the shelf. It was a lot of fun to get key robot, a barking dog for batteries and Wigry bike.

traditional craftsman, arcade games fleas or sticks, board game “Chinese”, tic-tac-toe, city-states and ships – these were the most common games children played at home during the era of the Polish People’s Republic. The first appeared in the eighties and nineties of the last century electronic games and Computerfor Atari and Commodore among others, which became a dream Christmas present.

Check out our sentimental gallery of toys from the People’s Republic of Poland

See the gallery(28 photos)

Currently, tired of the huge selection of readily available toys, brick sets, replica vehicles, consoles and games in 3D technology, we happily return to the pastimes of old. Fashion is back vintage games. Many of us look for iconic games and accessories for old computers on the Internet or in second-hand shops, for example tape recorders, joysticks or cartridges. We are rediscovering the arcade game River Raid and we are again happy to break the records for solving the Rubik’s cube in the shortest possible time.

In toy stores we can easily find classic pieces, Mastermind or fleas straight from the People’s Republic of Poland. Therefore, it is worth reaching for them again and playing with the children.

Check out our sentimental gallery of toys from the People’s Republic of Poland. Check it out because you might have these iconic items in your attic, pantry, or your parents’ closet

See the gallery(28 photos)

During the era of the Polish People’s Republic, children were happy to imitate scenes from everyday life in play. The girls played house and cooked dinner from stones, cones and leaves on small stoves. They played the main roles in the games plastic dolls and teddy bearswho have become clients or family. Children loved to play shop, hairdresser, dentist and imitate the lives of adults. The boys were in the role of policemen, mechanics or drivers and collected a collection of plastic soldiers and tanks.

Rough toys in the era of the Polish People’s Republic encouraged children’s creativity and let your imagination run wild. The dream of many of the youngest was a wooden rocking horse and a swing that can be hung in the apartment on the door frame. To this day, we remember with great joy the plastic accordion dog of the Lodz Zakłady Toy Company “Spójnia” and the teddy bear that squealed and rolled its eyes when pressed.

Take a look at our nostalgic gallery of toys from the People’s Republic of Poland. Do you recognize these iconic items? Or maybe you still have them somewhere without even knowing it

See the gallery(28 photos)
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