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TRE-RS. The Brazilian flag cannot be considered election propaganda

Photo: Isak Nobrega/PR

Oh Rio Grande do Sul District Electoral Court decided by the majority that the use Brazil flag it cannot be considered propaganda during the pre-election period governmental, ideological or party”.

The court session was held in A Electoral Judge Ana Lucia Todeskini regarding the possibility of banning the use of the national flag during elections.

For TRE-RS President, Judge Francisco José Moes, the national symbols don’t associate the candidate with the administration because they are not». The only dissenting vote was Judge Oyama de Moraes, who declared that the case should not even be heard by the court.

the statement of Electoral Judge Ana Lucia Todeskini played on local radio and gained greater scale thanks to the Bolsonarian propaganda machine.

Over the past few days, President Jair Bolsonaro dealt with the topic several times and called the proposal absurd. He used the discussion to reinforce one of the old maxims of Bolsonaroism. only his government tried to prevent the Brazilian flag from changing colors (The 1968 law governing the Brazilian flag only allows it to be changed to include or remove stars according to new states.)

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