Trends in 2023 – chests of drawers are back in fashion. Learn the history of this unique piece of furniture. See which chest of drawers to choose: a piece of furniture from the People’s Republic of Poland or a modern one?

Cabinets have been with us since the beginning of the 15th century and in 2023 they are still on top. Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers kept in them not only dishes – plates, cutlery, vases, glasses and sets of bed linen, but also delicious home-made fresh produce. Find out the history of this unusual piece of furniture and check which chests of drawers are fashionable in 2023. These furniture designs are back on top.


Sideboards already in the Renaissance (at the beginning of the 15th century) they began to visit our homes. The name of this unique piece of furniture has very interesting roots. The term “wardrobe” comes from the Latin word religion (I believe), and in the Italian furniture industry it was known as credenzone. Dishes checked by the service were prepared, i.e. recommended for a dish that would not harm (it is not poisonous) to you. In Italy – where the sideboard originates, such a spacious piece of furniture was called, something between a traditional chest of drawers and a wardrobe, equipped with shelves inside – with full doors, glazing and drawers on the front.

– The sideboard was a guarantee of “faith” that the dishes in it were checked, edible and healthy. It had a massive box-based structure, which was used to store dishes. Around 1500, i.e. during the Italian Renaissance, its form evolved into a piece of equipment that combined the features of a chest and a wardrobe, acquiring a more refined appearance, often decorated with complex sculptural decorations. Delicious dishes, bowls or pitchers were hidden in it, which protected low, wide buildings closed at the front by doors. Later, the form of the chest of drawers turned into a mini kitchen “skyscraper” – just like the chests of Kolbuszów furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. century – says Aldona Mioduszewska, from the Wnętrz DOMAR Gallery.

Take a look at our gallery and see chests of drawers in modern versions:

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Unfortunately, over the past few decades, traditional grandmother’s sideboards are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but for several years now, vintage furniture and a combination of modern style and timeless classics have been back in fashion. Although the form of the chest of drawers has evolved a bit, its new version can decorate the living room, dining room or kitchen equally stylishly.

– A chest of drawers is a sentimental piece of furniture. It is associated with the grandmother’s pantry where we can find all kinds of delicacies. Let’s remember, however, that currently this sentiment has taken on a modern form, adapted to changing furniture, sometimes “taking away” the function of a sideboard. For this reason, it remains a unique decorative element – just like the model created in 2016 by Piotr Polek. It’s a chest of drawers made of beautiful cherry wood with handles made of forged metal, fitting into the beautiful geometric art deco trend – adds Aldona Mioduszewska.

The interior design specialist points out that in 2023, modern arrangements will dominate classic sideboardswhich never go out of fashion. This type of furniture is perfect for: inside:

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