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Trial date set for Chael Sonnen after settlement talks failed

Chael Sonnen and wife Brittany, 14th Annual World MMA Awards. Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press.

As plea negotiations stalled, Chael Sonnen will go to trial on April 5, 2023, facing charges in an alleged assault involving multiple complainants.

According to MMA Fighting, Sonnen rejected a complaint filed by prosecutors about four misdemeanor charges. And now this case will be heard before a judge.

“Sometimes the parties come very close. And sometimes it doesn’t go all the way,” Sonnen’s attorney, Dayvid Figler, said during a brief hearing in the Las Vegas District Court on Wednesday.

according to the prosecution Any proposed plea agreements have been withdrawn.

The incident took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas on Dec. 18, 2021. At the time, a representative for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told Cageside Press, “LVMPD officers responded to the resort in the 3900 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard for reports. fight Arrival officers contacted resort security, who also responded to the incident. During their investigation, LVMPD officials determined that Chael Sonnen had committed criminal offenses against five separate victims.”

According to police, Sonnen had “issued a battery summons for each victim. then escorted away from the property because the crime was committed outside the sight of the police So there was no arrest.”

Many victims choose to report prosecution. and a number of others filed later, including Julie and Christopher Stellpflug, who were removed from criminal charges but continued to resolve in civil court. It accused Sonnen of physically abusing the pair and bringing Christopher Stellpflug into custody.

According to Brendan Schaub, Sonnen was defending his wife in the altercation, however, the former UFC Championship challenger has never publicly commented on the incident. He has been removed from ESPN but continues to host the You’re Welcome podcast on YouTube.

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