Trips from Guimaraes in Caixa had armored cars and a resort

Caixa Mais Brasil events took place over the weekend. Among them would be several cases of sexual harassment that led to the downfall of the president

Lucas Marchesini
Brazil D.F

Trips under the Caixa Mais Brasil program, led by former public bank president Pedro Guimarez, included the cost of renting armored cars and staying at luxury resorts, at a total cost of R$9.4 million until March this year.

The data was obtained by Folha through the LAI (Access to Information Act) and reveals an average cost of R$70k each. The events were held over the weekend and several cases of sexual harassment were revealed by the Metrópoles portal.

In the 134 editions of Caixa Mais Brasil, in addition to enjoying the comforts of resorts in Natal and Porto Seguro, for example, the president of the institution at the time received a daily allowance of US$77.

Considering an average of three days per event, with the former president going on Friday and returning on Sunday, this represented an additional profit of approximately 165,000 rials. The money was paid in full, as the accommodation and food expenses were covered by Kajsa.

Answering the question about Pedro Guimaraes’ travel expenses, Caisa said that “internal investigations are underway, parallel to those carried out by the supervisory authorities.” “In addition to these, the Board of Directors has decided to hire an external, independent firm to investigate all cases,” he added.

The institution also said that “the bank’s whistleblower channel is managed by an external organization that is responsible for maintaining the identity of whistleblowers.”


Through his lawyer, José Oliveira Lima, the former president stated that “all expenses for events related to Caixa Mais Brasil followed the bank’s protocols and rules.” According to Pedro Guimarez, the costs associated with the project “can be considered an investment because it has brought benefits to the population and created savings for the bank many times more than what it cost.”

According to reports received by Folha from the people who participated in the organization of the events, the attitude shown to the then president of Kayksa was similar to the attitude of the president of the republic.
The production team was not authorized to speak to Pedro Guimarez and could only reach him if approached. According to those people, it was even forbidden to laugh louder than Guimaraes during the events.

Through his lawyer, he denies the guidelines exist.

Upon assuming the presidency of Caixa, Pedro Guimarez established an intensive travel schedule, the main highlight of which was the Caixa Mais Brasil program. The purpose of the events was to bring the bank’s top management closer to the institution’s employees throughout Brazil, as well as to Caixa’s customers. In practice, this meant a weekend trip to every region of the country if possible.


Initially, the organization of the trips was managed by Pedro Guimaraes’ office, but soon the workload became too much for the team. Therefore, it was necessary to create a special group for this function within the National Control of Institutional Relations.

Known as GT Caixa Mais Brasil, this group worked until last year after the TCU (Court of the Auditors’ Union) opened a process to investigate spending at Caixa Mais Brasil. The case was eventually dismissed in court.

It was customary to use an armored car during travels. There are armored car rental records for Caixa Mais Brasil operations in Roraima and Manaus, both in January 2019. This was even before the July 2020 threat by Guimarez.

According to data obtained through LAI, the most expensive trip for Pedro Guimaraes was to Braves (PA) on Ilha do Marajo. 250 thousand BRL was spent and Jair Bolsonaro participated in the event – October 2020.


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