Trocafy is a new service for selling used mobile phones

The new Trocafy website strives to bring a platform that conveys greater credibility to those looking for a new cell phone!

MyCrushLive Mobiles

MyCrushLive Mobiles

The famous site Trocafone has just gained a new (and unique) competitor in Brazil. The new site/service is called The trophy, and is under the tutelage of the company Allied Brasil. The site promises to be the safest used mobile phone platform on the internet, aiming to increase consumer confidence in buying used mobile phones.

Trocafy strives to bring more security to the sale of used mobile phones

That the price of electronics has increased all over the world is no longer news, but here in Brazil we feel it even deeper in our pockets. However, it seems that Trocafy could be the solution we’ve been waiting for when buying a new cell phone, or rather, a used cell phone.

The platform announced on the 21st, by Allied Brasil, specializes in the sale of repaired smartphones, which means that the mobile phone underwent an analysis of the state of use and was reworked in details that required adjustments. This innovation was already expected, as the company had acquired BrUsed, which had the same objective of buying and reselling refurbished mobile phones.

On the site, users interested in buying a used cell phone will find three categories of the best sellers in Brazil, such as Motorola, Samsung and Apple. However, there are other brands that can be found in the future by clicking on “All Mobile Phones”.

MyCrushLive Mobiles

MyCrushLive Mobiles

Devices come with information about their current state

According to the company Allied, all used products sold on the site have a review before being published on Trocafy, dividing the devices according to their current condition. As refurbished mobile phones no longer have warranty, the site itself provides its own warranty for the mobile phones sold on the site, giving a sense of credibility to prospective customers looking to buy a used mobile.

When selecting one of the mobile phones in Trocafy, the user will find basic information about its current condition. For example, when we select an iPhone SE 64 GB, the website will say “I’m Zero”, which means that it has been used for less than 7 days and the battery remains at 100%.

iPhone for sale on the website - Trocafy specializes in the sale of used mobile phones
Image: Bruno/Tekimobile

On the other hand, we find mobiles that are even more “spent”, called on the site as “I have my signs of use”. Cell phones with this stamp tend to be even cheaper than higher-end models, but have signs of use from their previous owners, apart from a slightly more worn battery.

The advantage of buying at Trocafy is precisely because of the responsibility that the company shows in providing functional news, hiring specialist technicians to analyze the devices and informing if the mobile phone is fully able to be sold or needs revision. All products are approved by the manufacturer, with the assurance of purchasing a legal article from the National Telecommunications Agency.

To buy a new one or sell your mobile phone, you need to create an account on the platform, as well as on all e-commerce sites. Trocafy offers a delivery service in all regions of Brazil, in addition to providing a sales guarantee to all users.


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