TrollLock Reborn Masks Lock Screen Face ID Glyph with Animated Troll Face on iOS 15.x-16.1.2

Those looking for a cool new way to customize their iPhone can enjoy a new accessory TrollLock Reborn based on the MacDirtyCow hack by iOS developers @haxi0sm and @dedbeddedbed.

This simple add-on replaces the Face ID padlock glyph on the lock screen on notch devices with an animated troll face that starts showing your smile when your Face ID system recognizes your face.

An example of the animation appears in the embedded GIF above, and it’s pretty smooth.

Despite the name “TrollLock” Reborn, it is important to note that this plugin is not intended for TrollStore. Instead, it can be loaded using a utility such as AltStore or Sideloady (even on devices running iOS 16.1.2 or earlier). Troll just refers to the face of the troll in the animation.

For those wondering, TrollLock appears to be taking advantage of CVE-2022-46689 aka MacDirtyCow🇧🇷 According to TrollStore developer opa334’s comment on /r/jailbreak, MacDirtyCow is a live hack that can be used to write to any file that a sandboxed application can read. However, it is worth noting that these changes are not permanent; they are usually reset after a reboot because the information will be written to cached data in the device’s memory.

With that in mind, users will likely need to reconfigure TrollLock Reborn between reboots to re-establish the customization in their device’s memory. Still, a small inconvenience because this is possible without jailbreaking on both iOS and iPadOS 16 devices up to and including iOS and iPadOS 16.1.2. Unfortunately, MacDirtyCow has been patched for iOS and iPadOS 16.2, so TrollLock will not work on devices running the latest firmware.

If you’re interested in trying out TrollLock, head over to the project’s official GitHub page.

Planning to give your carved device a troll-inspired Face ID unlock animation with TrollLock? Let us know in the comments section below!

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