TRT8 Contest announces that technical tests will be used again. see more

The TRT8 competition (8th Circuit Labor District Court), which covers the states of Amapa and Pará, will re-apply technical tests after the cancellation.

After meetings of the organizing committee with Sebraspe, the decision was published. The measure was taken only for the position of administrative forensic technician. Regarding the topic, the committee decided that:because of the inconsistency in the application of correction criteria between objective and discursive tests”.

The position had the most applicants. Although the new date has not yet been announced and there is no information about the new schedule, the tests should take place in 2023, everything indicates that it will be in the first semester.

In this regard, the court said:The court regrets what happened, but clarifies that the decision was taken in order to guarantee the protection of the participants, the proportionality, fairness and legal security of the competition. Negotiations with Cebraspe are already progressing🇧🇷

Despite the changes, the schedule of other electoral positions will not change.

TRT 8 competition vacancies

A total of 5 pieces are offered. vacancies with immediate appointment plus reserve registration in the following positions and professions:

– Forensic technician (intermediate level)

  • Judicial technician – Administrative area: 4 vacancies;
  • Forensic Technician – Specialized Nursing Support. CR; and:
  • Forensic Technician – Specialized IT support. CR.

– Forensic analyst (high level)

  • Forensic analyst – Administrative area: 1 vacancy;
  • Forensic Analyst – Accounting – KR
  • Forensic Analyst – Architecture: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Archives: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Librarianship: CR;
  • Forensic analyst – nurse: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Civil Engineer: CR;
  • Forensic analyst – electrical engineering. CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Statistics: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Medicine: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Occupational Medicine. CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Dentistry: CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Psychology: CR;
  • Forensic analyst – social work. CR;
  • Forensic analyst – information technology. CR;
  • Forensic Analyst – Judicial Sector: CR; and:
  • Forensic Analyst – Official Federal Court Evaluator, K.R.

Initial income depends on the position: R$ 7,591.37 for a forensic technician, R$ 12,455.30 for a forensic analyst and R$ 14,271.70 for a specialized forensic analyst for the Federal Appraiser.

TRT 8 competitive tests

The tests for the TRT 8 competition took place on November 6, in two shifts, a morning shift at the higher level and an afternoon shift at the intermediate level. Both will last 4 hours and 30 minutes. The option will apply in the following municipalities

  • Belem/PA,
  • Marabá/PA,
  • Santarém/PA and
  • Macapá / AP

It should be remembered that the TRT 8 competition will have objective and discursive stages, the first one will have 60 questions, which will be divided between basic knowledge – 20 questions in general and specific knowledge – 40 questions.

The discursive phase will have a maximum of 30 lines of essay on specific knowledge according to the position. Click here and check the full public notice and other amendments

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