Truck control between Unna and Fröndenberg

Anyone who drives a truck has a great responsibility. Vehicles are often involved in accidents – sometimes with serious consequences. Police have now checked the lorries on the B233.

Emergency services saw this image of completely inadequate load securing when they inspected a foreign truck on the B233 between Unna and Fröndenberg. © Unna Police

During a two-day priority operation on Wednesday and Thursday (July 27 and 28), the Unna district police authority, together with the State Office for Training, Further Education and Personnel Affairs (LAFP) in Selm, controlled the traffic of goods. heavy on the B233 between Unna and Fröndenberg. Trucks were pulled out of traffic in both directions.

The balance is clear:

  • 25 reports were issued for administrative misdemeanors for violation of driving time and rest.
  • Two other administrative offenses were reported for cargo insurance violations.
  • There were also two violations for technical defects in the controlled vehicles. Notices for administrative offenses have also been issued here.
  • In two cases, the officials asked for warning money – among other things because of the violation of the obligation to carry documents.
  • During the checks, the officials found that the speed of a vehicle was also manipulated. A criminal report has been filed for this case.
  • In addition, there are violations of the law on working hours.
  • The five suspects had to post bail.

“Unna district is a place for logistics and industry. The density of trucks and vans is correspondingly high. Even if the highways are not our responsibility, we already control the traffic of heavy goods as soon as it leaves and arrives in our area of ​​responsibility”, emphasizes chief police inspector Dino Tönnies, deputy head of the traffic service of the Unna district police authority.

He acted as the leader of the two-day focus operation and referred to the potential dangers: “Driving and rest time violations, insufficient or even no load insurance and technical defects are just the three main causes of the sometimes dramatic traffic accidents involving heavy goods traffic – and as the balance of our mission shows, we have just found these points again.”

The police had not announced the focus of controls on the B233.
The police had not announced the focus of controls on the B233. © Marcel Drawe

The latest checks between Fröndenberg and Unna will therefore not be the last. “In view of the increase in heavy traffic on German roads, we will continue to carry out unannounced checks of this type in the Unna district”, said Dino Tönnies.

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