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TSE Corregidor extends investigation into ballot box attacks

Photo: Gustavo Lima/STJ

TSE Inspector General, Minister Benedito Gonçalves (photo), has extended an investigation targeting digital groups suspected of spreading fake news about the country’s electoral system.. The inquiry comes as part of an administrative investigation into Jair Bolsonaro over attacks on electronic voting machines. The decision of the court responds to the request of the Federal Police.

The minister says in his decision that despite “legal”the result of the presidential election remains “Target of severe threats”.. Gonçalves also states that there is a coup joint climate it is “Clearly undemocratic actions and insidious conspiracies have become commonplace.”

The inspector, however, notes that “Normal situation” seems to have returned to earth conditioned “The strong actions of Brazil’s democratic institutions that protected and guaranteed the preservation of the democratic State of Law”.

The inquiry was launched in 2021 by Luis Felipe Salomao, a protester at the time, after Bolsonaro questioned the security of electronic voting machines without providing evidence.

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