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TSE Inspector General wants to hear from Anderson Torres

Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

TSE Inspector General Minister Benedito Gonçalves ruled this Thursday (9) that Anderson Torres (pictured) heard about the coup project discovered in his home in January. Jair Bolsonaro’s former justice minister is also expected to explain the live broadcast with the former president in July 2021 with attacks on the electoral system.

The decision was made within the framework of the actions being carried out Bolsonaro’s meeting with more than 40 ambassadorsduring which the former president made a series of attacks on the Supreme Electoral Court and electronic voting machines.

In addition to Torres, will also be heard Eduardo Gómez da Silvaretired colonel and former adviser to the President, Ivo de Carvalho Peisinho and Mateus de Castro PolastroPF servers.

For Inspector General: Alleged leaks of PF probe, which ex-president says would have given hackers access “various sources” was one of the requests “leading string” Bolsonaro’s meeting with ambassadors.

“Notably, the Federal Police investigation on which the 2018 election fraud allegation was supposedly based (and the failure to address the issue) was live in 2021 by Jair Mesía Bolsonaro. This fact was also mentioned. to the ambassadorsLast year I had access to this survey [2021]and I published“, it says”it is said in Gonsalves’ decision.

“Speech has chronological markers that connect the past, the present moment and predictions of the future”he added.

Since Anderson Torres is under arrest on the orders of Alexandre de Moraes, the announcement will depend on the approval of the STF Minister.

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