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Tunisian president publishes amended draft constitution with minor changes – SABC News

Tunisian President Kais Sayed published in the official gazette on Friday a new draft of the proposed constitution, which includes minor changes and does not affect his authority.

The changes to 46 chapters of the proposed constitution are mostly minor and formal and come amid sharp criticism of the draft proposed by the president on June 30, which some believe paves the way for a dictatorship.

The president’s supporters say he is standing up to elite forces whose insanity and corruption have condemned Tunisia to a decade of political paralysis and economic stagnation.

In a letter posted online, he said there was no danger to the rights and freedoms of Tunisians.

“Everyone knows what Tunisia has been suffering for decades, especially in the last decade. They emptied the state coffers. The poor have become poorer, the corrupt have become richer,” Said said, accusing critics of his constitution of “slander far from reality.”

Most political parties and civil society groups oppose his constitution, saying it was drafted unilaterally and will lack legitimacy because Tunisians have less than four weeks to decide on it and there is no minimum turnout. , to be accepted.

The main journalists’ union joined opponents of the constitution and issued a statement on Tuesday: “We warn of its danger … it does not meet the principles of freedom of the press and expression.”

Freedom of speech and the press was a key gain for Tunisians after the 2011 revolution that ousted the late president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Even the head of the commission convened to prepare the first draft of his constitution, which he then rewrote, said this weekend that the president’s version was “dangerous and paves the way for a disgraceful dictatorial regime.”

Sadok Belaid, the head of the commission, said that the version presented by Syed did not resemble the draft that the commission had prepared.

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