TV Jovem Pan News celebrates its first anniversary on October 27

The communication group celebrates its 80th anniversary this year 2022, always reinventing itself and bringing quality content to the public

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THE New pan turns 80 this year 2022, a date made even more special by celebrating a year Jovem Pan News TV Next October 27. TV reinforces the continuous renewal of the Jovem Pan group, the concern for established models and the courage to change, as analyzed by the group’s CEO. Roberto Alves de Araujo: “The crowning work of structuring our video service, which culminated in the launch of TV Jovem Pan News a year ago, but through a process of seven, eight years, so we were already an astronomical success within digital, on our digital platforms. , and we were able to repeat this success on cable channels as well.” The executive producer of Jovem Pan, Mariana Ferreira, analyzes the work of more than 300 employees: “It is a very difficult team. Not thinking that we spend more time here than at home, with the family at home, this has to be, it has to be a unit, it’s very difficult, it’s complicated, but the formula for success here is this. A strong team.”

CEO of The Stenna Group, Carol Vargas, appreciates the strong market response following the television debut. “We are the ones who distribute the channel to the operators, we started working on Jovem Pan two months before the launch. And, in one month, it was a record time for us to launch it on all carriers. On October 27 of last year, we were distributed in 100% of the national territory. Everyone was a little worried, so he left the radio and went to television, what would that impact be, and it was a spectacular impact, the best impact I’ve ever seen in the history of TV, at least in 19 years. I have worked with him”, it says.

The guest Thiago Uberreich followed the whole process from radio to TV. “It is an honor for me to follow this whole process from radio, internet and television. The figures show that Jovem Pan is on the right track and the results are always positive”, he says. Wanderley Nogueira points out that sport always reinvents itself prominently in the Jovem Pan program. “A lot of people said, ‘This thing won’t stick, it won’t stick. Radio is radio, don’t make it up. But the group continues to invent with great creativity, which it has done all these decades. And then, things came to a head. YouTube is a success, football broadcasts show the face of the broadcaster, the commentator, the reporter: ‘This is another hopeless business. It will not be caught’. It was really necessary,” he says.

*With information from journalist Marcelo Mattos

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