Twitter autoplay doesn’t work with videos or GIFs; also a problem was reported twice for skipping forward or backward

Ever since he took over Twitter, Elon Musk has been experimenting with new ideas. Some have been received positively by their users, such as Twitter Blue, while others, including an attempt to promote ‘freedom of speech’, have not been well received.

The latest change that seems to be confusing users is the change to the video player.

Twitter autoplay is not working

According to reports, several Twitter users are saying that the autoplay feature is not working since the new video player update (1🇧🇷two🇧🇷3🇧🇷4🇧🇷5🇧🇷6🇧🇷7🇧🇷8 🇧🇷9🇧🇷


When users open a video to watch it, they have to manually press a button to play it. Previously, when they opened a video, it would start playing immediately.

This is different from manually disabling the autoplay feature because it only affects videos as the user scrolls through the feed.

A new update from Twitter seems to be the cause of this issue as videos do not play automatically even when the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network. As a result, users have to double-click the play button to watch the video.

ok twitter i know i turned off autoplay for the video but should it really be enforced when i open the videos too? I think it goes without saying that I want to play at this point

Previously, Twitter videos would autoplay when I clicked on them, but now it takes me to the TikTok interface where I have to launch it with a little play button in the corner. Because??

Double-tapping a video does not rewind or fast-forward

Autoplay isn’t the only problem with Twitter’s new video player; Users also reported issues with the rewind and fast forward functions, which have been tweaked (1🇧🇷two🇧🇷3🇧🇷4🇧🇷5🇧🇷6🇧🇷7🇧🇷


Users report that they cannot fast-forward or rewind a video by double-tapping its side. Instead, this results in likes or favorites for the tweet.

This is a fairly common feature offered by most video players including YouTube. Because of this, its removal infuriated users because it was really useful.

Twt new video player is crap, skip forward and back doesn’t work and double tap gives a like and if autoplay is off the biggest L comes… You won’t realize the value of something (ex vp) until it’s gone, that’s how it is right now I feel.

why did twitter change media player bro. they really want to be insta. double tap is like this, you can’t fast forward or rewind anymore

Hopefully, Elon Musk will take this user feedback into account and roll back the video player functionality update.

That said, we’ll be keeping an eye on the latest developments in each of these cases and will update this article as soon as anything significant comes to our attention.

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