Twitter Blue in Poland. What’s the price? Elon Musk must have gone insane

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, he has been running a large-scale “cost optimization” campaign to squeeze as much money out of users as possible. Residents of Poland can (finally) also buy a Blue subscription, but the price can effectively put you off doing so.

Twitter Blue subscription available in Poland. What’s the price?

Internet users are used to social media being free, meaning you don’t have to pay any money to use them – the payment is their data, which Facebook, TikTok or Twitter, among others, collect. display personalized advertising because it is always the most effective. A paid subscription to Twitter has been talked about for a long time and finally it was started in June 2021. Initially in Australia and Canada, but over time it has been made available in other countries as well. From now on it can also be paid by Polish residents. How much is?

Users in Poland have two subscription options to choose from: monthly and yearly. The former costs 49 PLN, the latter 514.99 PLN – if you choose the latter, you get a 12% discount, which allows you to save 73.01 PLN (the average monthly amount is ~ 42.92 PLN). Important: The prices just mentioned apply to subscriptions on Android and iOS devices. The browser version is significantly cheaper – the monthly cost is PLN 36, and the annual one is PLN 374.99 (in the latter case, the average monthly price is ~ PLN 31.25).

Twitter Blue’s price may come as a shock to many, but there will certainly be people who will buy a subscription. For a large proportion – if not most – it will be too high. After all, it is one of the most expensive subscriptions in Poland – monthly access to popular VOD services costs ~ 30 PLN (they are cheaper like FlixClassic or SkyShowtime, but also more expensive like Viaplay and Netflix in better quality) and with music demand turned on ~ 20- 22 PLN.

However, it should be noted that Twitter is paving the way – we recently learned that Meta is planning to launch an almost twin solution on Facebook and Instagram.

What does a Twitter Blue subscription do?

Paying for Twitter Blue gives you access to exclusive features that non-payers don’t have access to. These are:

  • first: blue badge next to the profile picture,
  • the ability to edit a published or quoted tweet within 30 minutes of its approval (although Twitter requires that the number of edits be “limited”),
  • the ability to unpublish a tweet – then other users will not see it (by default, even a deleted tweet is visible in the activity stream of people who follow a certain profile),
  • the ability to share longer tweets of up to 4000 characters (including when replying and quoting),
  • the ability to group and organize bookmarked tweets into folders (their number is unlimited and they are always private),
  • the ability to set a custom application icon on a mobile device,
  • the possibility of personalizing the profile with NFT (hexagonal profile picture with the NFT that you have),
  • various colorful themes,
  • the ability to personalize the bottom navigation bar – settings from 2 to even 6 shortcuts,
  • access to new space tabs,
  • Top articles, i.e. a link to the most shared articles in the user’s network (both across the profiles the user follows and the profiles he follows),
  • the reader function, which makes reading long threads more comfortable (can be started by clicking on the corresponding icon at the beginning of the thread; it is also possible to change the font size),
  • Give higher priority to replies in the thread (they are higher than those who do not pay for a Twitter Blue subscription),
  • the ability to share longer videos – up to 60 minutes or 2 GB (in 1080p), but only in the browser,
  • two-step verification via SMS.

If you have additional questions, you can find answers to them in the FAQ section the Twitter Blue subscription page. It’s also worth following Twitter profile @TwitterBlue. However, as a curiosity, we can inform you that there is no subscription can not Redeem users who changed their profile picture, username, or profile display name in the last 3 days.

So how do you buy a Twitter Blue subscription? We at are still shocked by the subscription prices. However, we saw on Twitter that many people are interested in it. Do you belong to this group or will you not give your money to Elon Musk?

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