Twitter Blue. what is it, price and benefits?

That’s one of the things that’s been talked about for the last few weeksAll this after the statements of Elon Musk, who revealed the price of this supplement verified by the social network through his account. The current president of Twitter has been detailing his business idea through tweets for the past month and a half.

Twitter Blue, as this check is known, gets people talking, especially since so many users have requested it lately. Granted, $8 seems like a lotwill amount to about 96 dollars per year, which, if all are counted, will amount to several million dollars.

In this article, we will explain What is Twitter Blue, the price and what are the positives if you buy it?, its benefit, which is ultimately one of the things that many social media accounts are looking for. This check serves to anonymize you as well as other things that may be convenient for you in the long run if you make a move.

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What is TwitterBlue?

Checking Twitter

The term Twitter Blue certainly rings a bell., as the verified service is called with a monthly payment, another alternative is to pay in full for the year. Paying this amount will give you benefits, many of which will be beneficial in the short and long term, as confirmed by Twitter.

Twitter will have a free version for users with an unverified profile, another that will show you a verified badge profile, all for a fixed price. Twitter Blue has reached several territories so farwill soon land in other countries, including Spain.

Twitter Support will first verify the account, it takes several days, sometimes even a week or two, to receive the blue check. Yellow tone verification has started for companies, it is already visible in many of them, including some football clubs that have their own.

Initially, the selected countries are the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, while the next destinations have not been confirmed by the team led by Musk. The assessment is in the coming months. not having a date set in a statement released by the microblogging network. This is a process that becomes normal in this and other cases.

The price of Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue prices

Account value Twitter Blue has a fixed price of $8 in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which at the time of change remains to be seen whether it will be 8 euros or will increase. It is clear that he will have what Elon Musk said in the official account, thereby giving weight to the payers to have that receipt.

Checking in on Apple iOS is a bit expensive, an additional $3 if you do it from an iOS device, or $11. It is a relevant commission, so the option to not pass is to register and pay for a Twitter page by logging into the official one and searching for the “Twitter Blue” option.

Twitter has opened an exact address for this if you want to consult all about Twitter Blue, in this link, which takes you to the help provided by the service. In addition, the change of currency is indicated, whether it is Australian (19 AUD), Canadian (15 CAD) and in New Zealand it is 19 NZD, these prices if you have Apple iOS, while it is lower through the Internet.

Benefits of Twitter Blue

Twitter bluejpg:

If you want to make the move to a Twitter Blue account, the right thing to do is to know the benefits, which are quite a few if you get one over the course of its use. This verification was previously achieved by accounts that requested verification, with network support determining whether or not it was an eligible account.

One of the many things you can do with Blue is, for example, upload videos at a higher quality than what’s offered on a so-called free account. One of the things that has been requested and that is currently cool on Twitter Blue It’s about being able to edit tweets, something that happens if you pay this $8.

These are just one of the many benefits of using Twitter Blue, this will soon be joined by the power to add characters, which indicates that they will reach 4000, it remains to be seen whether it will become a reality. With this amount, it will be reduced, while “Read more” will appear, in this case it is open to all users, available only when you get the famous premium account called Blue. It remains to be seen if the change is around 8 euros since it costs $8 in the US.

Other benefits of Twitter Blue

twitter app

The benefits of Twitter Blue don’t end thereamong them, you will also benefit from other important things like editing a tweet as many times as you want, writing up to 4000 characters, among other innovations, the support page listed below says:

  • Topics: blue themes now allow you to choose between options from more colorful subjects
  • Videos in Full HD. Allowed video uploads are 1080p, much higher quality and usable if you want to show off important stuff, including a small preview of something or videos from other platforms known as social.
  • Custom icons. can be fully customized icon that shows the Twitter app on your phone, there are over 100 options
  • Custom cruise. is a feature that lets you customize the navigation bar to show what you think is important, 2 to 6 items allowed by the microblogging network.
  • And there’s a lot of exciting news coming soon, including prioritizing your content over others as the theme spreads across Twitter, more characters, and more to see and discover.

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