TWO bets earn 668 thousand rials this week (14)

Caixa Econômica Federal awarded two bets this Saturday (14) that matched all 15 tens. tender 2714 From Lotofácil. With that, the millionaires’ prize of R$1.5 million, which was estimated for this contest, was divided between the two winning games.

to know Each of the bettors won a little over BRL 668,000. That’s great news to start the weekend, and millions of Brazilians would love to have that extra cash in their bank accounts.

One of the winning bets in yesterday’s competition was placed in Ilheus, Bahia. The other bet, which also hit all 15 tens drawn by Caixa Econômica, was made via electronic channel.

In addition to these two winning games, other bets also hit dozens of contests and won prizes. However, the amount paid by Caixa was much lower than the main prize.

Check out the 2,714 winning tracks of the Lotofácil contest below.

  • 15 hits. 2 bets hit tens and won R$668,058.79 each;
  • 14 shots. 389 bets reached tens and won 1028.84 rubles.
  • 13 shots. 12,071 bets reached tens and won R$25.00 each;
  • 12 strokes. 136,125 bets reached tens and won R$10.00 each;
  • 11 shots. 724,263 bets reached tens and won R5.00 each.

THE: the next draw Lotofácil will take place on Monday (16) at 20:00 in São Paulo. In short, the estimated value of the main prize is 1.5 million BRL, but this value may vary depending on the number of all ten players drawn and the amount collected in the competition.

According to Caixa Econômica, the total collection of 2,714 Lotofácil contests reached almost R$19.3 million, well above the grand prize.

See how to bet on Lotofácil

Those who want to try their luck at Lotofácil can go to the Caixa lottery agency to place their bets. However, if people prefer to play without leaving home, all they need to do is download and log into the Caixa Econômica lottery app to play their games.

In particular, those who are interested in online betting must be over 18 years old, according to the bank’s decision. In summary, the player must register by filling in the credit card number with which he will pay for the completed game.

Although online betting is more convenient for people, there is no simple way to play the Lotofácil game and place a bet through the app. It is because The minimum online bet amount is R$30that is, the bettor will not be able to play if his bet does not reach this value.

Therefore, the player will have the opportunity to play several simple Lotofácil games to reach the minimum amount of R$30, which is more expensive than a simple bet.

In addition, the player will still be able to bet on other sports such as Mega Cena and Quina. That way you will be able to reach R$ 30 and place your bets without leaving home.

The more tens are selected, the more expensive the game

In summary, the bettor must select at least 15 numbers from the 25 tens available, from 1 to 25. Although the minimum bet is 15 numbers, players can choose up to 20 tens per game, increasing the chances of success.

Check the value of each Lotofácil bet.

  • Selected 15 dozens – 2.50 rubles.
  • 16 dozens selected: BRL 40.0;
  • 17 dozens selected: BRL 340.0;
  • 18 dozen selected: BRL 2040;
  • 19 dozen selected: BRL 9690;
  • 20 selected dozen: BRL 38,760.

In summary, the value of bets increases significantly as the number of selected tens increases. This is because the bettor will have a much higher chance of winning if he bets on 20 tens rather than a simple bet on 15 selected numbers.

In comparison, a simple Lotofácil game with 15 numbers selected offers a chance of winning over 3.2 million. However, when playing with 20 selected tens, the bettor will only have a chance to hit 211.

This significant increase in the chances of success makes many people choose this form of the game by paying much more. Although this gives the bettor a much better chance of winning, he will also pay much more for the game played.

Therefore, each person must evaluate the financial conditions they are in to decide if this risk is really worth it. Otherwise, it is better to invest the money in something that has a safe return without relying on luck.

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