Two days before the 2nd round, the networks indicate an uncertain result

For Modalmais/AP Exata, the TV Globo debate airing this Friday the 28th is the last major event of the campaign.

Despite polls pointing to former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) on Sunday 30, social media shows the outcome of the second round is uncertain Pesquisa Modalmais/AP Exata published this Friday, 28 , indicates that the final week of the debate ends “without a clear preference for one of the two candidates on the networks”.

“The movement of both is very similar to confidence, positive and negative references, and other emotions like fear and anger. The fluctuations are within the margin of error, which makes it impossible to more accurately predict who will win,” reads a part of the poll.

For Modalmais/AP Exata, the TV Globo debate, broadcast this Friday the 28th, is the last major event of the campaign “with the potential to sway some undecideds”. “In addition to the performance of their candidates, looking at the post-debate narrative will be important to indicate who will do better,” the study noted.

The government’s popularity improved slightly in the last week of the campaign. The number of people who rate the government as good or good increased by 0.3% compared to the previous week’s survey, reaching 40.4%. The indicator of those who perceive the management as bad or terrible has fluctuated by 0.1%, remaining the same at 40.4%. The percentage classified as regular decreased by 0.2% to 19.2%.

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