Two Südlohners were injured in the collision at the intersection

traffic accident
Police Borken

In Herbern on December 5, a one-car accident occurred on Buckenfeld-Aruper-Strasse (symbol image). © photo alliance/dpa

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Three minor injuries and property damage of around 5,000 euros are the result of a traffic accident in Borken-Veseke on Monday. That’s what the police said.

The 78-year-old driver of the minibus drove through Schlückersring in the direction of Klünstrasse. At the Schlückersring / Hauptstrasse / Klünstrasse / Südlohner Strasse intersection, there was a collision with the car of a 57-year-old man from Südlohn. This drove along the main road in the direction of Südlohner Straße.

In addition to Südlohner, his passengers, 35-year-old Südlohner and 35-year-old Hamminkelner, were injured. All three want to see a doctor on their own. Three children in the car of a 78-year-old man are unharmed.

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