Uber in more cities. Get a 100 PLN discount!

Uber goes to three new Polish cities. Your residents now have the opportunity to take advantage of attractive discounts, which means that the first five trips are completely free!

The application has been present on the Polish market for eight years Above is a big competition for taxis in most cities of our country – despite everything, there are still places where this solution has not arrived.

However, Uber is consistently expanding its offering in Poland. Today we are going to three more Polish cities – Elbing, Kalisz and Gorzow Wielkopolski.

To mark the occasion, the creators of the service have a surprise for residents of the above cities – they can save up to 100 PLN during the first five runs. This means that we get five rides (up to 20 PLN for one) for free!

Uber was scanned by UOKiK

How do I use discounts in the Uber app?

To take advantage of the discounts, just use the code in the application VITAIKALISZ, VITAIGORZOW or WITAJELBLAG.

The promotion is only valid until Sunday 11th December. After this time, we will find more promotions in the Uber application – for the next three trips we will pay up to 50% less (but not more than PLN 10 discount).

Discounts are applied with codes KOCHAMGORZOW3X50, KOCHAMELBLAG3X50 and I LOVE KALISZ3X50. We’ll be using this offer one week longer, until Sunday, December 18th.

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