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Uber Resolve allows the driver to perform additional tasks

A new mode for Uber (Android, iOS) arrived in Brazil this Monday, the 13th. First launched in Curitiba, Uber Resolve allows drivers to perform activities that go beyond the delivery itself, but related to it, such as pickup of orders in a store or collecting a signature, for example.

In the new mode, it is allowed to request the delivery or withdrawal of items, by car or motorcycle, in duration from one to four hours. Claims are limited in time and mileage. If the trip exceeds the limit, the user will be charged for the excess. If, on the other hand, the trip lasts less than agreed, the user will be charged the total contracted amount.

Uber recommends that the user follow the entire request via mobile in order to assist the driver if there are questions during the trip.

The company also said that requests for tasks involving cash payments or transactions, such as going to the bank, paying bills or collecting payments, are not allowed.

In the announcement of the launch of the new mode, made this Monday, Uber did not provide information about the expansion of the function to other cities in Brazil.

How to order

  • In the application, you need to click on the “Sends” tab and select “Sends by period”;
  • User must include service time, pickup address and destinations. It is possible to modify and add stops during the trip;
  • After confirming the ride, the user needs to use the app’s chat to convey details about the activities to the driver.

The user is charged more if the specified amount is exceeded. (credit: publicity)

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