Ubisoft will not be showing digital games in JuneEnglish 

Ubisoft will not be showing digital games in June

Ubisoft will not be showing off its traditional big games this month. The information was published by Axios, citing a company representative. However, we have to expect something from Ubisoft by the end of the year.

Image source: Ubisoft

The first all-digital conference, called Ubisoft Forward, took place in July 2020, following the cancellation of the e-entertainment show (E3) due to epidemic restrictions. Ubisoft claimed that the scale was successful, capturing a large audience that surpassed the publisher’s previous conferences.

Ubisoft Forward online events were also held in September 2020 հուն June 2021. In March 2022, multiple sources told insider Tom Henderson that Ubisoft was planning a big digital show ahead of a possible E3 show this summer, but plans may be delayed due to recent global events.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2022 has also been canceled, but Summer Game Fest 2022 is expected to fill the void. The festival organizers recently announced that the event will include events և events in June for gaming fans with news from more than thirty partners.

Ubisoft, by the way, was not included in the list of partners for Summer Game Fest 2022.

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