UFC 276's Pedro Munhoz agrees: Sean O'Malley is legalSports Update 

UFC 276’s Pedro Munhoz agrees: Sean O’Malley is legal

Las Vegas, Nevada — Pedro Munjoz Bantamweight Always have the same goal heading into UFC 276.

“My main goal is to be the best fighter I can. Always try to prove yourself,” Munhoz (19-7, 1NC) said ahead of his UFC 276 match against Sean O’Malley, “and my fight said it. [for] themselves.”

Munhoz is looking to skid two fights on Saturday. Have a team mentality when it comes to fighting. That’s what he emphasized during Wednesday’s UFC 276 media day, speaking to members of the media, including Cageside Press.

“When I’m not here to fight. I will be in the gym Work out to help a sparring partner who is about to get into a fight,” he explains, “so ignore me and try to help someone else. So when I get to fight it’s not about me It’s about strategy and thinking.”

The question O’Malley comes next, it’s the same question that’s often asked about Sean O’Malley every time he fights: Is he legal? day if you want)?

Munhoz, who shares cage with former UFC champion Dominic Cruz, Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar and Cody Garbrant, all believe O’Malley is real.

“I believe he is legit. People used to ask me the same question. And my answer remains the same. I think he is right,” commented Munhoz. “He’s won a lot of battles. He’s tall, long, punching and has a lot of skill. I will definitely be a great test for him and myself, I think I can definitely stop him in three laps.”

We will verify that the latter is true shortly.

Watch the full-day UFC 276 media appearance by Pedro Munhoz above. The event will take place on Saturday, July 2, 2022 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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